How much did city of Siedlce change since the pre- World War II times?

How much of the old photograph's charm is caused by the attractive, old places, and how much by them being black and white, contrasty - simply - imperfect?

In order to answer those two questions, I've decided to collect old, pre-WWII photographs and to recreate them in exactly the same spots. This project, which took me a good part of year 2016, also taught me something else - that the history of Siedlce is very interesting.

The majority of the old photographs were taken by Mr. Adolf Gancwol Ganiewski, a photographer who lived and worked in Siedlce since the end of XIX century up until his tragic death in the Treblinka death camp in 1942.

Photographs below have no English descriptions. Apologies for this. You can switch to the Polish version of the site and use a translator, if that suits.