A man is sleeping inside of a mobile shopping booth, another is sitting in its shade.
# We visited India in January 2015 and all we read beforehand proved to be exactly right: it was loud, it was chaotic, air was insanely polluted and dirt and trash were everywhere.

Some guide books tell you you'll either fall in love, or hate India, but you won't be indifferent to it. And it has definitely proven to be true in our case. The former that is - we fell in love almost immediately.

There're so many interesting countries yet to discover - so many in fact that we almost never visit the same place twice. But India is that one country we just have to go to again!

Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Taj Mahal from a distance.
# Taj Mahal

The single most beautiful human-made thing I've ever seen.

Three small children in dirty clothes looking directly at the camera. One extends her hand.
# At a time I thought those kids are just joyful. That one of tham was asking for something I only noticed weeks later back at home when looking at this photograph.

A small boy looks directly at the camera and holds a toy flower.
# Son of a store owner where we bought few bottles of water.

Large old palace seen from a distance.
# The fort complex in Orchha.
A child in a train, seen from the outside via the window. His look appears to be calm and sad.
A toddler sleeping on a sidewalk.
# I did hesitate before photographing this homeless child sleeping on a sidewalk, because it is such a intimate and tragic scene.

On the other hand it's important that we, privileged folks from developed countries, realize there are children out there who don't have even the simplest bed..

Man preparing a hot chai.
# Delhi.
A crowded street at night, with a few scooters and a mobile food court selling fruits.
# Muslim neighbourhood, amazingly lively place.

A crowded street at night with several people glacing directly at the camera.
A crowded street at night with a man carrying a large sack and a rickshaw behind him.
A man pushing an overloaded cart on a street.
A male barber trimming someone's beard. Another man looks at the camera.
# Barber show right on the street.
Five man sitting on a street curb.
A large building with its reflection in a huge fountain pool.
# Secretariat Building (North Block). Delhi.
A cow walking on a sidewalk.
# Holy Cow! Jaipur.
A courtryard of an old palace.
# A Fatehpur Sikri served as a capital of the Mughal Empire for only 14 years. It's now called the "abandoned city".
A woman leaning back against a glass-less window.
# My wife inside of the Taj Mahal. She's leaning back against "jali" - a window made of a perforated stone.

A boat full of people, partly covered by a behind of a man.
# Varanasi.
Man standing between train cards.
# There wasn't enough room in that train to even enter a car.
A number of homeless people crowded under a hand-made tent, covering from the rain.
# Homeless in Delhi.
Homeless men with children.
A boy looking directly at the camera.
# Jaipur.
A night market seein from a high vantage point.
# Night market close to Jama Masjid, Delhi.
Man, covered with blanked, sits on a curb, smiling slightly at the camera.
A Rikshaw in motion.
A gardener during a break.
Man sitting on a floor working in a workshop of sorts.
A Muslim man praying in a mosque.
# Jama Masjid, Delhi.
Mosque interior with a large, white chandelier.
# Jama Masjid, Delhi.
A mosque ceiling with a large, white chandelier.
# Jama Masjid, Delhi.
A homeless man uses a bucket with water to wash himself.
# Delhi.
A woman with her child.
# Delhi.
A large white building shaped like a lotus flower, behind trees.
# Lotus Temple, Delhi.
An old woman with a traditional head covering.
# Woman from Delhi.
Woman taking a break from sweeping a floor. She's dressed in a traditional, yellow dress.
# In Amber Fort, Jaipur.
An old man laying on a sidewalk bench.
# Lazy. Jaipur.
Fatehpur Sikri.
# Interior of one of the buildings of an old palace.
A side view of the Taj Mahal.
# Taj Mahal, Agra.
A small hindu child climbs stairs.
A young girl sitting on the stairs.
A front of a rikshaw, with a driver and all the passengers visible inside.
A cow looking directly at the camera, and a dog behind it.
Two toddlers smiling at the camera.
An old man squats on stairs, leaning back against the wall, is reading a newspaper.
A beach full of litter and a dead rat. Further away a woman in a traditional hindu dress walks in water. In the distance, on the other side of the bay, modern, tall buildings.
# A few of most prominent elements of India: modern, rapidly developing cities (here - Mumbai) mixed with tradition. And lots of trash and dirt.